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MBA Family Business



01 August 2018

31 July 2020

2 Years

15 August 2018

Rs. 5.50 Lacs


The MBA-FOBS programme at JGBS is a tailor-made MBA degree programme for candidates who come from Indian business families and are looking to significantly upgrade their skills set which allows them to manage their business more effectively and if appropriate, expand it. The MBA-FOB is a differentiated offering designed to equip Indian businessmen with an appropriate skills-set and knowledge to make their business future ready.

Key Differentiators of JGBS MBA (FOBS):

  • Tailor-Made MBA focussed specifically on Indian family owned businesses (FOBs).
  • Practicum heavy course-structure and pedagogy (Focus on learning by doing).
  • MBA with a CEO perspective from Day 1 (Focus on managing a business rather than joining one).
  • Access to an extremely valuable network of entrepreneurs, VCs, Investors and CXOs.
  • Access to JGBSs state of the art CIE (Centre for Incubation and Entrepreneurship)
  • JGBS’s Innovative SMP (Structured Mentor Programme).
  • International Immersion (China and Europe/US)

To be eligible for JGBSs MBA(FOB):

  1. Candidates need to possess an undergraduate degree* from a recognized institution at the time of admission.
  2. Candidates should be from Indian business families, that is, either their parents or close relatives should be running a business.  

*Candidates expecting their graduation within a few weeks from the time of admission to JGBS programme are also welcome to apply. They would be given a provisional admission, subject to fulfilment of other requirements. 

Selection Criteria

The selection to the MBA-FOB programme at JGBS is competitive and is made based on the overall profile of the candidates. The sequence for selection for the programme is listed below:

Step 1: Graduation completed/Expected shortly

Step 2: Entrance Test (JSAT-Jindal Scholastic Aptitude Test)/GMAT/CAT/MAT/XAT are acceptable

Step 3: CV Screening (Involvement and knowledge of family business, Percentage marks throughout, Extracurricular activities)

Step 4: Personal Interview

Step 5: Offer for Admission/Selection

Credit Structure 

The minimum credits required for fulfilling the requirements of the degree is 80 credits.